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We know we have a lot to offer the community, but maybe you need a little convincing. . .

During October and early November we are offering several FREE workshops.  (They are listed on our "Offerings" page as $.01, but there's no charge.)

Choose a session and see what you think about some of our staff as you check out the place.

A Little About Us

An introduction to some of our services in an interview by "Park Bench," a local publication.


Adult Education
Adult Tutoring
Back to School
Career Coach
Career Coaching
Professional Growth

Professional Development

Are your school days behind you?  Are you wishing you had taken, or paid more attention in, a certain course that would help your career?  While we are not a substitute for taking a post-secondary course, we can provide an expedited option for clients who need to brush up on or learn specific material.  We can help build or strengthen your skills in many areas.

This service is also great for employers who want to set up training classes for current or prospective employees to ensure they are up to date on a subject, possess strong communication, critical thinking, and problem solving skills; and/or are on the same page with your company standards and philosophies.  This service can be offered onsite at our facility or yours upon request and with a custom program for your needs following an assessment of your staff designed in conjunction with you.

Personal Growth

Tutoring - Professional Development - ESL Support

Integrity 1st LSS offers both individual and group tutoring sessions for higher education students, non-native English speakers seeking to learn the language, and adults who need to learn or refine a skill to be competitive in the current job market.

We provide professional tutors who hold a graduate degree and university-level teaching experience in one or more of the subjects they support.  We also employ graduate students and undergraduates with exceptional academic track records and faculty endorsements.

All of our tutors undergo training with us before working with clients.

While private sessions are optimal, we offer group sessions where feasible for a reduced fee.  (See our "Pricing & Packages" page.)

Please try to book these appointments at least 48 hours in advance.  All sessions must be scheduled and paid in full at least 24 hours in advance before they are official and your instructor is contracted to work with you.

Scroll down for more information on these services.

Testing Center
Computer Literacy
Computer Training

Testing Center

Integrity 1st LSS is an independent testing center. We provide proctoring services for:

  • Students taking online courses
  • Local students who need proctoring for a make-up exam
  • Professionals testing for certain licenses and certifications
  • Employees whose employer requires supervised testing
  • People who are approved for special needs proctoring

Because we are independent, scheduling with us and payments are simple and direct.

Please note that we are not authorized to proctor certain standardized exams and licenses yet, so speak with a manager before scheduling an appointment if your exam is in one of these categories to ensure we can support you.

Clients who are approved for special accommodations testing should book sufficiently in advance (at least one week) that we can secure an assistant for those needs.  Please be prepared to provide written documentation from your school or employer confirming the nature of your accommodations and the type of assistance you require. 

We will shortly be a CLEP and PSI testing center.  All PSI exams must be scheduled through the PSI website and are not eligible for our package discounts.  CLEP exams must be scheduled first on their website and then on ours. CLEP exams are eligible for discounts on our end only.

English as a Second Language
Adult Tutoring
International Tutoring
International Support

ESL Support

Our ESL tutors are certified unless otherwise noted.  They are experienced working with international populations.  Perhaps most importantly, many of them have lived in a country in which they were not a native language speaker and thus can empathize with and assist you in facets of the cultural adjustment as you improve your English.

To ensure proper placement, we ask you to first visit for an assessment.  We will then discuss options.  

Classes that meet once a week for 90 minutes average $30/session but may be a little higher for professionals seeking to learn discipline-specific vocabulary.

Career Coaching
Professional Advancement
Professional Growth
Adult Education

Employment and Networking Searches

Are you looking to change career paths but are unsure how to start?  Book a one-on-one appointment to discuss possibilities, explore what kind of training would be involved, and potentially meet with a specialist to update your resume and develop an online presence to sell your skills and expertise to the right audience.

College Placement
Career Coaching
Employee Training

Career Advancement

Are you stuck in a job that you dislike or trying to move into a new career but don't know how to start?  Perhaps it's time to return to school, but you're not certain about your next steps.

We can meet individually with you to help you identify your goals and create a plan to help you achieve them.  We can even guide you through the school application process.  Our tutoring staff are happy to help you brush up on material you may not have used in years and learn some of the technology that will make returning to school easier.

We can also discuss in-house solutions to train you in skills and field knowledge to be more competitive on the job market.

Please check out our "Back to School Prep." series and start by attending one of our "Returning to School: Is It the Right Time?" discussion sessions.

Adult Education
Back to School
Adult Literacy
Higher Education

Personal Development

People who continue to learn and grow live longer, lead healthier lives, and see less degenerative issues later in life.  Whether your goal is to meet some new people, learn a new skill or language, acquire a certification, or simply put yourself out there, we can help.

Upcoming events and workshops include:  painting nights out, Red Cross certified training, intro. to newborns, and intro. to parenting for expectant parents.

Learning Center Consulting
Higher Education Consulting
Educational Advice

Learning Center Consulting

 We customize our learning center consulting services to meet your needs and budget.

While some services may be provided remotely, at least one initial onsite visit is strongly recommended for most projects.

Our consultants are national industry award winners with decades of experience and success in higher education learning support services.

College Preparation
College Placement Exams
Financial Aid
College Applications

Life Skills Workshops

Did you know that a recent national survey shows that almost half of college students in this country are going hungry at some point in the semester (The Atlantic Jan. 9, 2019)?  How many young adults do you know walking around with accidentally pink shirts?  What are the key factors in choosing a new apartment or roommate?  What resources do you wish you had known about sooner?

This workshop series is designed for teenagers (15 and up) and adults (through their mid-20s) to answer many of the questions that most adults wish someone had told us (or we had remembered) in this key transitional period.

We are offering this series Sunday afternoons/evenings this fall and next summer as a full-week boot camp in July and August.  With sufficient interest, we will offer specific topics in evening and weekend sessions upon request.  Seats are limited, so plan ahead.

Please note that we are exploring offering a version of this workshop geared towards high-functioning, special needs adults who are seeking to live independently. Please contact us if you know someone who may be interested.


College Preparation and Application Help

Whether you're going through the process solo as a student, are a parent trying to navigate the financial aid process (including FAFSA paperwork and analyzing competing financial aid packages), or are an adult returning to school and needing some guidance on the application process, we can help as an independent, third party.  Our instructors in this area have worked in the fields of Admissions, Financial Aid, International Student Services, and higher education administration for between five years and three decades.

Periodically we will run seminars, but personalized consultations are available at your convenience.

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