Frequently Asked Questions


What if I don't see the service I need?

Contact us.  We have a large network of professionals and students who want to help you grow.  We also welcome your ideas for new offerings.

What are your prices?

Prices vary by service type, session duration, and special accommodations required.  Check out our "Prices & Packages" page for tutoring and general (not standardized or state licenses or exams) testing.

Workshops/classes are session specific, and prices are determined by a number of factors including percentages paid to a licensing company such as the Red Cross, specialty trainers, and materials provided.

Learning center consulting is project specific.

We offer discounted rates with multi-session purchases for tutoring, proctoring, and ESL services.

What are your privacy policies?

As a client, you are guaranteed privacy regarding your sessions. However, if you would benefit by your professor, employer, or an accreditation agency being aware of your session(s) and the material covered, we will provide documentation at your request.

Tutors and instructors for Integrity 1st LSS make notes on each session for our records and so that our employees can review what you covered, but we will not share this information externally without your written permission.

Please note that the person paying for the session(s) is permitted full access to session notes and attendance records unless they waive that right.

What should I bring to a tutoring session?

Bring the textbook(s) associated with the course, your syllabus, a copy of any assignments that you wish to review, and suggestions for focusing your session.

Why are there so many cameras onsite?

One of our main services is testing/proctoring for a variety of exams.  Therefore, we must maintain visual records of testing clients within our premises.  The cameras are used for testing purposes and your protection.  Results remain private exempting for challenges about the integrity of a test taker and/or legal concerns, and the results are deleted after a specified duration.

What should I expect during a tutoring session?

First, with the exception of a paper, our tutors will not address the specific problems that appear in an assignment.  Our objectives are to help you identify the best ways you learn and guide you to a more productive approach to studying for and applying the material and skill set.

Our tutors and instructors will help you learn the concepts and processes involved in an assignment and test your working knowledge of these elements by using external practice examples.  Consequently, you can apply what you learn, you can assure your professor that our tutor did not do the work for you, and you are confident in your ability to use the material within the course and/or professionally.

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What kinds of tutors do you employ?

We employ three types of tutors:

  • Professionals with a graduate degree and college-level teaching experience.  Unless otherwise noted, our ESL tutors are certified ESL instructors and have lived abroad in a culture where they were not a native speaker.
  • Graduate students support courses in which they earned a high grade (typically at least an A-) as an undergraduate and/or completed graduate courses.  We require faculty recommendations too.
  • Undergraduates who have earned a high grade (see above) in a sequence of courses in a subject area tutor these courses.  We require faculty recommendations.

Who are your trainers/consultants?

Our trainers and consultants come from diverse backgrounds.  Presenters on topics such as employment, interviewing, and professional skills possess several years (typically decades) in their field and come to us highly recommended.  Some of our trainers may be younger but earned the appropriate certifications through an accredited agency and have impressed us with their teaching and communication skills.  For some of the personal skills development areas, you may find a mixture of people with strong life skill as well as professionals discussing finances and taxes.

What our trainers/consultants have in common are a desire to help other people succeed, an ability to teach a skill well, and strong communication abilities.

We hope you will be as impressed with them as we are, but you should always contact us (DMalewicki@Integrity1st or 203-800-4100) with any questions or concerns.

Do you support children?

Integrity 1st LSS is not a Kindergarten to 12th grade academic content service.  There are plenty of great K-12 tutoring services out there, but it's not our market.

We do provide academic content support for 12th graders who are preparing to take college placement exams during or before orientation, graduating seniors who need to brush up on skills such as critical thinking and problem solving before entering the workforce, and incoming college students who want to prepare for their first-term classes.

Children are welcome in some of our personal development classes under certain circumstances.  For children 10-13, a parent must remain onsite for the duration of the course/training session as we do not accept supervisory responsibility for minors.  Parents are welcome to join the class/training session as a paid participant or make use of our waiting room and break room areas.  (The exception is our Red Cross Babysitting class.  Two adults will be onsite at all times.)

Children 14-17 may remain unaccompanied onsite with the understanding that Integrity 1st employees hold no legal responsibility for their supervision.

What if my class/training session/testing session is cancelled by Integrity 1st?

Please read our "Scheduling & Refunds" page for more information including for client cancellations.

What happens if I need to cancel a session?

Please read our "Scheduling & Refunds" page for more information including for client cancellations. 

Our services are booked and paid for in advance.  We have endeavored to provide a fair policy that ensures that our clients are served while our staff, who work as contractors, are paid for the time, preparation, and transportation costs to meet you.

We look for a mutual respect and responsibility from both our clients and our tutors/trainers/proctors.

If you don't show up for a session and/or don't provide sufficient advanced notice that you will not be attending then we will retain the full cost of the session as no other client was able to use that spot.  Sufficient advanced notice on cancellations is covered under the "Scheduling & Refunds" page and ranges from partial refunds to the full amount credited toward a rescheduled session if available.  With at least 24 hours of advanced notice for tutoring, we will provide a full refund; the same policy is in place for classes with 48 hours of advanced notice, which is when we confirm the session is running with other participants.

What should I expect if I'm taking a test at your facility?

Please see the "Proctoring" tab for more information.