Learning Center Consulting

A Little Background. . .

  In her last position, Debbie Malewicki:

  • increased departmental utilization levels 500% in four years, 
  • earned CRLA Program Levels I-III certification and certified dozens of staff, 
  • received the University award for "Excellence in Student and Faculty Services," and 
  • led her department to winning the ACTP Program of Excellence Award in 2016.

What Can We Do for You?

  • Crafting and selling your strategic mission plan to the various stakeholders at your institution:  senior administration, faculty and staff, students, and external parties
  • Creating a vision for your center, and learning how to effectively communicate it to different audiences
  • Setting up and tracking KPIs and goals; confirming that your data collection is on track; interpreting your data; and using the results to establish new programming and potentially secure funding for your services
  • Designating and implementing program-specific marketing strategies for internal audiences, prospective students, and families of students
  • Analyzing your institutional populations to identify their needs
  • Increasing utilization levels through student and faculty engagement
  • Opening lines of communication across the institution
  • Discussing how current learning strategies such as grit and metacognition can enhance your center
  • Designing a new center to optimize your existing space
  • Determining the best staffing for your needs
  • Exploring and achieving the best professional certifications for your program and/or center admins.

Let's Talk. . .

Call (203-800-4100) or write to us at DMalewicki@Integrity1stLSS,com for more information.  

Prices are flexible and based upon your short-term and long-term needs.

While onsite visits are helpful, most work can be done remotely to minimize costs.