What are "life skills"?

Life skills are knowledge-based strategies we use daily to navigate the "real world."  While high school may prepare us for the next stage in our lives academically and/or professionally (especially a vocational/technical school or school for the performing arts), most people enter this phase of early adulthood without the experience or concrete knowledge to thrive.  

This series of workshops, addressed in a boot camp format, answers many of these questions and positions participants for success financially, in applying for a good entry-level job, with home skills, and more.

It's an awesome graduation gift and opportunity for 16-26* year-old participants.

We welcome mature 15-year-old attendees who are entering their junior year of high school or the home schooling equivalent.

The boot camp series if $499/person with a 15% discount for multiple family members who share the same residence.

The sessions meet 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, include a 1-hour lunch break, and resume from 1:00-4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, for one week.




  • Creating and living off of a budget
  • Introduction to income taxes, withholdings, and filing
  • Planning for big purchases
  • The importance of your social security number
  • Building and monitoring your credit score
  • The pros and cons of credit cards and using them wisely

Household Chores/Planning


  • Laundry dos and don'ts
  • Food shopping on a budget
  • Healthy meal options on a budget
  • Cleaning schedules and tips

Apartments and Roommates


  • What are your options?
  • Factors beyond financial limitations
  • The pros and cons of roommates
  • Choosing a good roommate
  • Setting ground rules with roommates
  • The importance of a lease

Job Searching and Applying


This section is broken down into tracks for people entering the working world and clients studying full time while seeking a part-time job or who are about to graduate.


  • Creating a game plan for your future--higher ed. track and working world track 
  • Creating a first (or second) resume
  • Gathering your references
  • Looking for a job while in school
  • Preparing to enter the job market
  • Where and how to look for a job
  • Networking strategies for every type of job

Resources & Other Skills


  • Resources you should know and use--working world track and higher ed. track
  • Study skills--higher ed. track
  • Time management
  • Healthcare options
  • Fallback options for the hard times

Safe Socializing


Everyone socializes differently.  For some people the key is to set limits while for others it's about making the move to connect.  

Whatever your personality, transitioning into a new life phase means leaving behind some old friends and the chance to make new ones.

This section discusses options for meeting people, the pros and cons of different approaches, and ways to be safe while socializing.

PS  This section is not judgmental, so be open and honest to make the most of this discussion.