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 Debbie was the best part of my experience! As a parent and engaging from afar, Debbie was super helpful to me in connecting my son to the right tutor. She was very responsive throughout the whole process and very communicative even as she was in the midst of launching the business  I think you have a terrific business model and the customer experience is spot on. I would not hesitate to refer services.  Unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure of meeting Professor Zoghb, but my son did say he liked working with him and that he was helpful in meeting his specific areas of need.  My son went from struggling in Calculus to an A-.


Learning Center Consulting

Debbie Malewicki is the perfect consultant for learning center directors who are just starting a center and for those who are experienced but want to take their center to the next level.  I met Debbie seven years ago when I was on a consulting visit to the University of New Haven, where Debbie served as the director of the Center for Learning Resources.  After touring her center and speaking with her, I was very impressed with the professionalism, enthusiasm, and vision that Debbie demonstrated. Debbie and I continued to interact in future years, and I was privileged to observe many of their outcomes and learn of the substantial positive feedback from other peers in the field.  Debbie has shared her vast knowledge of learning center development and management not only within her institution but also locally, serving as a mentor and consultant at other schools and nationally through her presentations at learning center conferences such as the National College Learning Center Association and Association for the Tutoring Profession.  She also frequently shares her views and suggestions on the LRNASST list-serv, helping other people in the field in the process.

Areas for which I would highly recommend Debbie include designing a top-notch center, rebranding and marketing tutoring services at an institution, increasing student engagement, establishing strong utilization levels with impressive success rates for the impacted students, creating a cohesive team environment, and evaluating and selecting the best type of staff for a program/school.

Dr. Saundra McGuire

Author of New Release, Teach Yourself How to Learn

Author of Teach Students How to Learn

(Ret.) Assistant Vice Chancellor  & Professor of Chemistry

Director Emerita, Center for Academic Success

Louisiana State University


Student Support

I worked with Debbie while I was Dean of the College of Business Administration at the University of New Haven. Her work repeatedly demonstrated professionalism in dealing with both faculty and students to create learning environments where students thrive. Creative, committed and supportive are words that come to mind in working with Debbie and her staff. She was well known for developing solutions which had impact.

Dr. Liz Davis

Dean, School of Management at University of San Francisco