Rentals by Room

The Purple Room

The Purple Room

The Purple Room


Perfect for one-on-one meetings or small groups, this room can comfortably accommodate 4-8 people depending upon the furniture configuration.  It includes the whiteboard and cork boards shown, offers plenty of natural sunlight, and is situated right off of our waiting room.

Rate:  $30/hour or $150/weekday or $175/day for a weekend

The White Room

The Purple Room

The Purple Room


This room comfortably holds up to 10 people and includes multiple large windows for plenty of sunlight, a mid-size conference table, and its own thermostat.  The layout is a little unusual, so please request photos before booking it.  

Rate:  $40/hour or $200/day for a weekday or $215/day for a weekend

The Blue Room

The Purple Room

The White Room - Permanent Lease or Short-term Rental


This room comfortably holds 40-50 people at tables depending upon the furniture configuration and up to 70 people if sitting or mingling.  It includes two large whiteboards, two projector screens, tables and chairs that can be arranged to your satisfaction, and its own thermostat.  With advanced notice, you may use one of our projectors.  A ramp makes it easily accessible for people with mobility issues.

Rate:  $75/hour or $600/day for a weekday or $700/day for a weekend

The White Room - Permanent Lease or Short-term Rental

The White Room - Permanent Lease or Short-term Rental

The White Room - Permanent Lease or Short-term Rental


We are ideally seeking a long-time (multi-year lease) tenant for the white room.  At 226 sq. ft. it can comfortably fit two to three staff and a couple clients.

The rental includes:

  • Exclusive rights to the white room
  • All taxes and property maintenance except cleaning of the room itself
  • Onsite parking
  • All utilities except phone and internet
  • Use of our waiting room, kitchenette, break room, and the general rest rooms for this portion of the building
  • Occasional use of the purple room and classroom with advanced notice
  • Security cameras in all shared spaces (not in the office itself)
  • Greeting of your clients by our receptionist while on duty, including buzzing in clients to our secure premises

Rate:  $990/month with the first month and security payment (one month) due upon signing

Please note that while you are welcome to contract a realtor to represent you, all realtor fees will be your responsibility.

Short term rental:

Rate:  $40/hour or $200 for a full weekday/$215/full weekend date

The Yellow Room

The White Room - Permanent Lease or Short-term Rental

The Yellow Room


The Yellow Room is comprised of 15 computer cubicles, each with a high-capacity PC capable of supporting software ranging from MS Office Suite programs to statistics, programming, and more.  Typically rentals are for a classroom scenario.  Two, mid-size whiteboards are available for use in the room, and a projector can be configured to display above the cubicles for instructional purposes.  Each computer possesses a LAN connection.

For privacy purposes, the windows and glass panel of the door to this room contain a reflective surface so that people in the hallway can't see in.

Please note that these prices presume that the party renting is providing their own instructor and does not need our assistance with installation of software or instruction.  These services may be purchased from us at an additional price.

This room may not be used for any purpose other than computer instruction, professional or academic testing, or meetings that require computer use.  No software may be permanently installed on our machines without our prior consent.


All cubicles in this room are wheelchair accessible, but we cannot guarantee that wheelchair bound clients are able to see over the partitions in certain seating arrangements.  We recommend visiting the site to determine if it fits your needs if your participants use wheelchairs.

Rate:  $125/hour or $800 for a full weekday/$850 for a full weekend date


The White Room - Permanent Lease or Short-term Rental

The Yellow Room


Our newly-renovated facility in New Haven, right off of Whalley Ave., is directly on the bus line and includes plenty of free, onsite parking.

Rental options include nights until 10 PM and weekends.  The hourly rate includes a member of our staff onsite to open and close and buzz in your guests.

Our facility is ADA accessible including an interior ramp to the classroom and a unisex restroom immediately outside of our suite.  (A second unisex restroom is available as well.)  

Our premises are newly renovated including fresh paint and carpeting.

Please note that we are also a testing center, so regular office and presentation noise levels are fine, but particularly loud music or presentations are not as they would disturb other clients onsite.

Renting clients may promote/sell services onsite but may not sell physical products as we are not licensed for that purpose.

Contact Debbie Malewicki at (203) 800-4100 or for more information.