PSI Testing & Services

The policies noted below do not apply to PSI testing and services.  Please schedule those services through the PSI website.  Booking, cancellations, and refund policies for those services appear on the PSI website.



Integrity 1st Learning Support Solutions, LLC is a for-profit, privately and locally owned and operated facility.  All of our tutors, instructors, and proctors work on a contractual basis, which means that just as we consider it an unwavering obligation to protect your rights as a client, we also must respect and uphold those of the people who provide these services.

Each person who works here is scheduled to meet with you.  When a client doesn't appear for a session or cancels at the last minute, they have deprived other clients from using that slot and leave the instructor/proctor/tutor without their intended income for that period.  

Our policies are designed to protect your rights and those of the people here to support you.

  • Appointments, events, and non-PSI testing services must be booked and paid for in full 48 hours in advance.  If a session or event is already scheduled, we may accept additional participants up to 24 hours in advance of the start time.

  • Submitting a request for tutoring or testing is not a guarantee that we can provide the service.  We contact our list of specialists for that area and attempt to book someone who meets your needs.  A session isn't guaranteed until an instructor or proctor is confirmed and the client has paid the invoice in full. 

  • If we do not receive the paid invoice by 24 hours in advance, then the instructor/proctor will be told their services are not needed.

  • Events and workshops typically require a minimum number of people to run.  If your event does not reach that number, we will either cancel it and refund your money, offer you a first choice spot the next time we run the program, or allow you to proceed with a smaller group only if the instructor is agreeable.  (Please note that many of our instructors are not local, so they need a minimum attendance to cover their traveling costs.)  You will not be asked to pay any additional fees if your event or workshop runs with a smaller group.

  • Please review our "Prices and Packages" page before requesting a tutoring session so that you are aware of your options and the costs.

  • Tutoring session costs are determined based upon the number of people taking the same class who are willing to meet at the same time (The more people who attend, the less the cost is to each person.) and the education level of the tutor (The more educated someone is, the higher their hourly rate to compensate for their knowledge level and experience.).

  • Last-minute changes to group tutoring:  If you are scheduled for a small or large group tutoring sessions, your hourly rate is dependent upon the number of participants.  (Please see our refund policy below.)  If you had intended to be part of a larger group (6-12 participants) but only a smaller group (2-5 participants) is available, you will be given the option to proceed at the hourly rate for the smaller group.  Similarly, smaller group participants (2-5 people) who find that no one else booked that time will be given the option to proceed at a private session rate.  However, if you are in these circumstances because other participants simply did not show up (non-documented emergency), your appointment will be honored at the original rate.  If people canceled four hours or more in advance, dropping the number of participants, we will inform you ahead of time so you can decide immediately how you want to proceed.  If you have not canceled with us by three hours before your session due to a change in enrollment, you will be charged for the size of the session you attend and for the length of the original booking.  If you choose not to proceed, we will reschedule you at the time you request and for which we can find a tutor.  Please note that your payments will not be refunded under these circumstances.

  • Emergencies:  We would like to believe everyone when they claim a last-minute emergency, but we kindly request evidence to avoid taking advantage of instructors and proctors who have cleared their schedules to meet with you.  Any type of official documentation is acceptable:  accident report from police or your insurance company noting the date and time, medical documentation, or note on letterhead from a service provider such as a plumber or electrician.  With that documentation we will be happy to reschedule you for a mutually convenient time.  (If we cannot meet your needs within 72 hours of the time-frame you wish to reschedule then we will offer a full refund.)  Please note that we will not issue a refund for a no show or last-minute cancellation unless we cannot accommodate you within that 72-hour time-frame.

Refunds for tutoring, events/workshops, and testing:

  1. Canceled 24 hours or more in advance: 100% refund or the client may choose to apply the balance to a subsequent visit
  2. Canceled 12-23 hours in advance:  50% refund or 50% of balance applied to a subsequent visit as the tutor has already prepared for the session
  3. Canceled 6-11 hours in advance:  25% refund or 50% of balance applied to a subsequent visit as the tutor has already prepared for the session and declined alternative work
  4. Canceled 2-5 hours in advance:  no refund
  5. Canceled less than 2 hours in advance for a non-documented emergency:  no refund
  6. Canceled less than 2 hours in advance for a documented (official note on letterhead) emergency:  no refund but 50% will be applied to a subsequent session unless we are unable to arrange a follow-up session within 72 hours of the time you request.  Clients must give us a timeline in which they are free to reschedule unless extreme circumstances such as a long-term hospitalization have occurred.

  • We thank you for your understanding and cooperation so that we can fairly serve you and respect our team.


Integrity 1st Cancellations


Due to Weather, Power Outages, and/or Other Emergency Conditions

We will make every effort to reschedule your session within 72 hours of reopening.  If we are unable to reschedule a tutoring, testing, or event to your satisfaction, we will provide a 100% refund or you may choose to apply the balance to a future visit.

Due to Tutor, Instructor, or Staff Absence

We will make every attempt to find alternative coverage.  If another qualified person can be brought in for that period, no refunds will be offered.  If no one covers that event or session, clients will be offered first priority for rescheduling or will receive a full refund.  The final decision will be the client's.

Due to Technological Issues for Testing Services

If we are unable to provide proctoring for a scheduled visit due to technological issues, clients will be given first priority for rescheduling at a time of their convenience.  If they are unable to reschedule the exam due to external timelines or for any other reason, we will offer to apply the balance to a future session or a full refund.  The final decision will be the client's.


Please write to or call Debbie Malewicki at (203) 800-4100.