Why Choose Integrity 1st?

Qualified Student Tutors

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You know where you stand with our tutors. Student tutors maintain a minimum GPA of 3.4 out of 4.0 for their degree (most are much higher) and have consistently earned As in the subjects they're supporting. Faculty support their applications, and we further intensively interview for strong communication skills, empathy, and working knowledge.  These tutors have recently taken the classes they're supporting to be current with the material.

Even More Qualified Professional Tutors

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Our professional tutors, who comprise the majority of our staff, have taught one or more of the subjects they're supporting on the university/college level.  Many of them also possess numerous years of industry experience to add a practical understanding to classroom theory.

Our professional tutors are professors, university administrators, and/or professionals in their field who love to teach; they all hold a completed graduate degree from a reputable US university.

Fair Pay

new haven adult education

We are transparent in our payment process.  We openly list our hourly private and group tutoring rates as well as what we pay our tutors.  While most of our competitors charge substantially more money for often less educated tutors, they additionally pay $12 to $20/hour on average..  Our hourly pay rates start at $20 for an undergraduate and $35 for a Ph.D. because we know that our tutors deserve a fair wage.  There are no travel expenses or technology requirements to tap into their earnings.


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Our tutoring sessions take place onsite in a secure environment under a general surveillance system for your protection. You aren't meeting a stranger in a semi-public place or inviting them into your home. You can rely on professionalism in presentation and interactions as a result.


new haven tutoring

We are conveniently located in New Haven in an area central to most colleges and universities.  Three main bus lines stop directly across from our driveway and in clear view of our entrance. There is plenty of free, onsite parking immediately outside of our entrance.

We also are a fully ADA-accessible facility.

Convenient Hours

new haven adult education

We understand that you're leading a busy life, which is why we offer early morning (8 AM Monday-Thursday and Saturday) and night (until 9 PM, 10 PM during peak times) hours. We're even open Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays as needed.

If you check out our "Offerings," you'll see that we try to schedule workshops and events around personal and spiritual commitments in many cases.